Some of our capabilities.





  • 1x CNC Lathe.
  • 1x Wire cutting.
  • 1x Precicion Lathe.
  • 1x Conventional Lathe
  • 2x CNC Grinding.
  • 2x Cylindrical Lapping.
  • 3x Rectificado plano.
  • 8x Cylindrical Grinding.
  • CMM itself.
  • Metrology room.
  • Application of hard crome.
  • 2x CNC machine centers.

We offer solutions from the definition of the requirements of the customer, concepts, 2D drawings and 3D until the delivery of adjusted and functional assemblages.

Some applications of these services are:

  • Precision machined.
  • Manufacture of prototypes.
  • Manufacture of low volume.
  • Manufacture of jigs for welding.
  • Manufacture of benches and tables of work.




Workshop with the certification ISO 9001:2008 and more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry of precision.

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Casting Cutting Station

Face the need to standardize the cut of the casting of parts that are made manually.

We design and manufacture the cutting solution standardized casting that guarantees the same quality and decrease in damage to the workpiece.

Height measurement station

Faced with the need for height measurement of rims for your quality processes.

Incad offered a solution of stations with three significant advantages, design and manufacture with delivery of turnkey.